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"Was this the best dentist experience of my adult life? YOU BET IT WAS! Husband & wife team Vitaliy and Viktoriya Valyuk have a very special thing going with their practice, located just footsteps away from the PATH Grove Street stop (literally across the street). 1) Super nice and friendly staff - From the front desk to the assistant, to the two doctors, everyone was happy and friendly. I felt very at home in their well-lit, clean, homey office. 2) The cleaning was amazing - Unlike most places that have dental hygienists do the brunt of the work and where the doctors just swoop in at the end, I was taken care of exclusively by Viktoriya, the dentist and wife part of the team. 3) No pressure, no upsells, just great service - in fact, I told them they should do a bit more unsolicited product informing - I very well might do my whitening there... I asked them about what they have to offer and, surprise, great deals. I even had to convince them that I should probably get my x-rays done, because they were so concerned about not forcing a service on me that I might not actually need. 4) No wait! - I walked in with no appointment, and started my session within 15 minutes. Hopefully this won't change too much after they get famous for their incredibleness. 5) Did I mention they were super nice? In addition to the obligatory sample toothbrush and toothpaste, Viktoriya offered to email me my x-rays so I can view them at my pleasure - talk about service! Look, some of you might not get your teeth cleaned - this place could could totally change your mind. I LIKE getting my teeth cleaned (and have had probably 50 cleanings in my life) and this is still the best place I've been. I am seriously thinking about going more often than the prescribed 6-month interval. I love them THAT much. Take a visit to Vita Dental Arts - you won't regret it."  - Jonathan

"The epitome of a great dentist is someone who knows as much about the science of his technique as he understands the art inherent in his craft - at Vita Dental you get not one such dentist but two! While most dentists are just after their bottom line, at Vita dental, Dr. Vitaliy Valyuk cares more about his patients' well-being. When it came time to for me to get a crown, he discussed options to achieve the balance of durability and aesthetic I was looking for. Dr. Viktoriya Valyuk is also excellent. Incredibly caring, she went out of her way to make sure I was relaxed during my visits and answered all of my questions. She skillfully took care of two fillings in one visit. How was I fortunate enough to find such wonderful dentists? As the saying goes, mom's know best. And in this circumstance, I am glad I listened when my mom told me to trust my smile to Vita Dental Arts. I now cannot stop smiling! They are true professionals, skilled in a variety of techniques ranging from fillings/root canals to aesthetic procedures. Their office staff is incredibly nice as well, helping me to schedule visits based on my busy schedule. My entire family goes here now, and we recommend them to all of our friends as well. By the time I reached adulthood, I experienced my share of dentists. Luckily, I finally found a practice I can stick to!"